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Mike and Carol Sullivan dreamed of a new custom home to enjoy during retirement. Mike had retired with the rank of Colonel from the U. S. Army and had owned his own business. Carol worked as a registered nurse specializing in hospice evaluation. Neither had built their own home before. They contacted Built Green for guidance in designing and building their new affordable energy efficient home in Vintage Oaks between New Braunfels and Bulverde.
Built Green Custom Homes guided them in the planning, designing, engineering and construction of their new home. Built Green also referred them to lenders who specialize in owner builder construction loans and mortgages.
While the Comal County building site in Vintage Oaks appeared to the eye to be almost flat, there was a 6’ drop from one corner of the slab to the diagonal corner. Michael chose to excavate a couple of feet of soil from the high corner and step down the garage to minimize the slope and save money on slab cost.
The 3500 square foot home was designed and built with multiple affordable energy efficient features which resulted in an average energy cost of about $100 per month. In addition, the energy efficient home offered a high level of comfort to Michael and Carol. You can see pictures of the finished home in our Gallery.