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Preconstruction Consulting

Built Green Custom Homes guides and consults before construction starts with the following pre-construction consulting steps:

  • Site selection and evaluation including house and driveway location, foundation suggestions and cost estimate, tree and site preservation, and septic location
  • Vendor and contractor list
  • Custom Home Planning Suggestions
  • Floor plan layout and design. Meet with architect as needed.
  • Preconstruction Guidebook with guidance on design, financing, specifications, selections, discounts, bids, surveys, appraisals, insurance, utilities, septic design, permits, engineering and site work
  • Mobile repository for plans, bids, surveys, cost estimates and budget
  • Multiple Cost Estimates, updated as design progresses
  • Specifications and description of materials
  • Organized shopping lists and vendors for materials/discounts
  • Owner Builder Construction financing
  • Obtain contractor estimates for budget including insurance, carpenter, windows, garage doors, roof, plumbing, electrical, AC, insulation, drywall and painting. After engineering: foundation and framing materials.
  • Surveying
  • Engineering Soil, Foundation, Structure and Septic
  • Detailed cost breakdown/budget with overall project cost Material Estimating Specifications

This will help you design and prepare to build a truly unique custom energy efficient home that meets the needs, wants and desires for your family.